How much will the bond cost me?

Taxes are calculated on the assessed value of your home. Click here to find the assessed value of your home. You can either enter your address or you can enter the Section, Block, and Lot information to find your home.  Under the photos of your property, you will find a table with the information you are looking for.  Under the Values tab, you will find the Fair Market Value of your home as recorded by Nassau County. Enter that value below and the calculator will tell you what your 2017-18 school taxes will be.  The additional cost of the bond is included in this number.


Note: I’m running for Mr. Larry Gross’ seat against: Mr. Michael Golden, Mr. Jeffrey Shi, and Mr. Grant Toch.  I am in favor of the new bond and will also be voting Yes for the 2017-18 budget. See you at the polls on May 16th.

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