nkron-headshot8Nikolas Kron has 20 years of experience as a professional advisor, entrepreneur and deal maker. As a strategy consultant with Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini S.A. he managed a multi-million-dollar pipeline and advised healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy and consumer clients on how to take advantage of new technology to disrupt the competitive landscape. Nikolas has led global project teams delivering on budget and on-time projects for Fortune 500 companies.

As a real estate investor, Nikolas negotiated contracts, secured investors, and debt financing, and maximized asset values. Sitting on the Boards of a variety of projects, Nikolas works with others to optimize the interests of his stakeholders.

Over his career, Nikolas has shown himself to be a creative problem solver who has both participated in and led strategic initiatives with Fortune 500 companies to solve their unique business needs. Born and educated in Dublin, Ireland, and a US citizen since 2003, Nikolas has a strong understanding of international business needs and markets. He brings a wealth of expertise, with particular strengths in areas such as new product and service development, solutioning, and messaging.