Community Service Bio

My bio says “My wife, Vivian, and I have both served on fundraising, shared decision making and UPTC committees. We have been active members of the community, getting involved in village, school and community issues.

In detail:

I have served on the English Board and the General Board at NSHA while my children attended elementary school there.  Additionally, I served on my synagogue Board and continue to work on a variety of projects within my community.

My wife, has been more active than me, serving on the PTOs and volunteering for committees in the elementary, middle and high school that our children have attended – Beth El nursery and pre-K, NSHA Elementary, Baker Hill Elementary, GNNMS, and currently on the Exec Board of GNNHS.  She has actively participated in fundraising, picture day, holiday committee, yearbook, arts project fundraising, and school lunch projects, as well as serving as a UPTC delegate and on the SDM committee for Baker Hill.

My 3 older children (2 in GNNHS and 1 in GNNMS) have also taken leadership roles in our synagogue youth program and Temple Israel Youth House and are involved in both clubs and sports at their respective schools.